stop 0x0000003b

stop 0x0000003b is a critical error displayed when Windows shuts down because of a kernel problem to prevent further damage to your computer. Over time, this error occurs more and more often causing total system corruption. That is why stop 0x0000003b should be resolved as soon as possible. However, don't hurry to pay from $250 to $500 or even more to PC repair services (this is the average cost of things you can easily do on your own at little or no cost).

If you are not a PC expert use the following first-aid solution:
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Stop 0x0000003b error message pops up whenever your laptop suffers from a breakdown it won't bypass, so it stops running abruptly to stave off related impairment of the PC. A fatal error message means that there should be no pendings when it concerns removing the BSOD, when you come across one.
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Stop error code 0x0000003B (SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION) on ...

Fixes an issue in which a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 crashes and you receive Stop Error 0000003B (Error 0x3B) (SYSTEM ...

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BSOD Case # 811: stop 0x0000003b

Summary: Hotfix Available for Windows 7 '0x0000003B' Stop Error - Softpedia
Details: 8 Nov 2011 ... Some applications can cause functionality issues in Windows 7, Microsoft revealed, with customers even experiencing crashes, and the ...
Suggestion: Without unhiding the perpetrator of crime - the trigger of the error code - true repairing is unlikely. The not so much loved and barbarous and most reasonable resolution is dumping the bad RAM bars, hard drive or video card and obtaining brand new elements. As the system volume becomes older, random cells turn up to get cranky,although it is apparently not by a long shot the worst trouble.... More information...
PC guys prompt also to spare attention to such system messages:
    Numeric code: 1786 (0x6FA)
    Meaning: The workstation does not have a trust secret.
    Numeric code: 13815 (0x35F7)
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  • Message: ERROR_WAIT_63
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They Solved "stop 0x0000003b":

Name: Rogelio
Fixed on: 12.11.9
Error: BSOD Message: Stop 0x0000003B - Win...
Details: I had a BSOD error on Thursday which led to the loss of my desktop. Then today it happened again. I'm not very computer savy and I'm not sure ...
they fixed stop 0x0000003b

Name: Marla
Fixed on: 5.26.11
Error: STOP Error 0x0000003B - Windows 7 H...
Details: 0x0000003B (0X00000000C0000005, 0XFFFFFADFC71E111B. Reopen if this problem. First, VBox does not crash but shows a proper error message. Guest Control/VBoxService: Use RTList instead of STL. An example would be the vm name: "dir/anotherdir".
they fixed stop 0x0000003b
Name: Danny
Fixed on: 10.11.10
Error: Timeline – Oracle VM VirtualBox
Details: I'm Running Win 7 Home Premium 64bit , Its a OEM version I purchased about 3 months ago from , The computer itself is about ...
they fixed stop 0x0000003b

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A few simple tips for the BSOD

Windows offers two accessible the the notebook tricks to fix apparently faulty OS alterations: Last Known Good Configuration and System Restore. At a definite moment in the past the notebook did without errors, so these functions restore the settings back to that state. The numbers of successful resolutions of Stop 0x0000003b using the OS configuration rollback means are rather little. Strange, unsecure or uncertified update installation can not rarely produce in Stop 0x0000003b message. Utilize Safe Mode to delete lately activated 3rd party appliations. In the most tricky examples Stop 0x0000003b won't even permit you boot the OS. Avoid being idle, try making use of work environment installation CD provided that you anticipate it was the software that raised the nasty Stop 0x0000003b alarm.

Errors and messages often searched for together:

    error 0x00000003 - Unable to open a device that was sharing an interrupt request (IRQ) with other devices. At least one other device that uses that IRQ was already opened.