error 0xc0000001

error 0xc0000001 is a critical error displayed when Windows shuts down because of a kernel problem to prevent further damage to your computer. Over time, this error occurs more and more often causing total system corruption. That is why error 0xc0000001 should be resolved as soon as possible. However, don't hurry to pay from $250 to $500 or even more to PC repair services (this is the average cost of things you can easily do on your own at little or no cost).

If you are not a PC expert use the following first-aid solution:
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Error 0xc0000001 is a serious system error message which emerges on countless PCs, even those serviced in time. For this reason you shouldn't dally when it's about blue screen removing.
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COMPUTERS AND OTHERS: Error Code: 0xc0000001 In Windows 8

21 Jun 2012 ... The Windows Action Center prompts for information about a failure of the operating system and it needs immediate repair. The action needed to ... - 84k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's

Added by: Nik on: 5.20.11 time: 21:50

BSOD Case # 846: error 0xc0000001

Summary: Startup Error Code 0xc0000001 - Operating Systems
Details: Hello, This issue may occur if the Security Accounts Manager file (SAM) is corrupted or missing. You cannot use the repair process or the recovery console to resolve ...
Suggestion: Better treat blue screens as a symptom from a operating system immune system that you need to check for errors a few sore points. Start searching for the problem if you are displayed an error message. A few simple manoeuvres must surely help you in vanishing error messages. Eliminating hardware blue screens of death is in all cases hopeless without ridding yourself of out of wack RAM , videocard or hard disk drive.... More information...

The influence of such warning codes upon the PC may also be adverse:

    Numeric code: 8549 (0x2165)
    Meaning: Foreign security principals cannot be members of universal groups.
    Numeric code: 149 (0x95)
    Meaning: An attempt was made to join or substitute a drive for which a directory on the drive is the target of a previous substitute.
    Numeric code: 8213 (0x2015)
    Meaning: The directory service can perform the requested operation only on a leaf object.
    Numeric code: 1413 (0x585)
    Meaning: Invalid index.

They Solved "error 0xc0000001":

Name: Ricky
Fixed on: 9.7.9
Error: Error Code 0xc0000001, after updating to Windows 8 - HP Support ...
Details: Ok guys i had no problem with dual booting xp and win7 hears how the install went for me. I started with vista on 1st part of a 200gig devided in half then loaded xp ...
they fixed error 0xc0000001

Name: Christina
Fixed on: 9.18.11
Error: Dual boot Vista / 7 fails.. Error 0xc0000001
Details: 21 Jun 2012 ... The Windows Action Center prompts for information about a failure of the operating system and it needs immediate repair. The action needed to ...
they fixed error 0xc0000001
Name: Maurice
Fixed on: 2.15.12
Error: COMPUTERS AND OTHERS: Error Code: 0xc0000001 In Windows 8
Details: I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 pro, the install was successful however once i shut down the computer and tried to turn in back on it would not ...
they fixed error 0xc0000001

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Error code 0xc0000001

Started by: Ellen Date: 11.4.9 Time: 14:22

Boot in XP and insert Windows 7 DVD...Support your DVD drive is G: Now run cmd.exe n execute the following command G:\Boot\Bootsect.exe /nt51.sys

ConfigMgr 2007: "Error Status: 0xc0000001 Info: An unexpected error...

Started by: Allan Date: 7.9.12 Time: 23:5

I'm install Windows 7 Home and I'm getting the following error after "Windows is loading files". ... Status : 0xc0000001. Info : the selected entry could not be loaded. This is a new computer with all new hardware. ...

Dual boot Vista / 7 fails.. Error 0xc0000001

Started by: Christie Date: 1.12.9 Time: 4:5

When deploying Windows 7 via OSD in Configuration Manager 2007 SP2, upon rebooting from the WinPE stage to Windows 7 Mini-Setup, Windows never starts and the following error occurrs instead: Status: 0xc0000001 Info: An unexpected error has occurred. ...

Error: 0xc0000001 while running a Console Task and using Windows PE as ...

Started by: Cyril Date: 11.19.9 Time: 15:26

"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

A few simple tips for the BSOD

Last Known Good Configuration (if you cannot startup) or System Restore when you are able to boot) might also be utilized.. In this manner you can undo OS condition that were changed when your computer didn't wasn't exposed to alerts. It is not reasonable to believe that Error 0xc0000001 will repaired after you use any of these options, these infrequently work for that kind of blue display. Initiate the Windows in Safe Mode to delete freshest tool activations. . You'll maybe need to use work environment installation CD to catch the 3rd party appliation and attempt deleting Error 0xc0000001 in that way.

Errors and messages often searched for together:

    0xc0000001 Windows 7 - When accessing a new tape of a multivolume partition, the current blocksize is incorrect.
    c000001 - Not all privileges referenced are assigned to the caller.