BSOD while downloading large files

A blue screen error (BSOD) is a critical error displayed when Windows shuts down because of a kernel problem to prevent further damage to your computer. That is why blue screens should be resolved as soon as possible. However, don't hurry to pay from $250 to $500 or even more to PC repair services (this is the average cost of things you can easily do on your own at little or no cost).

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"Blue Screen of Death" code notifies you about the crash your system is not able to overcome by itself and closes abruptly to prevent more spoilage of Windows. You have no time to lose when you meet an error message.
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Computer crashes while downloading files from the internet ...

The problem is that when ever I try downloading large files from the web my ... I have started to get lots of BSOD do you have lots of free space?

Added by: Eustace on: 5.1.10 time: 22:15

BSOD Case # 431: BSOD while downloading large files

Summary: Crash on fast big download / Read cache gets full ...
Details: (just tried downloading 4 files, total of 30GB at the same time, which is .... Sometimes my cache reaches 1GB (while downloading +30MB/s) so it ...
Suggestion: Allow me to tell your the truth in the event you suppose that users never fight with fatal failures or Win Vista, or any given Microsoft OS version, must never get down with an error text atweel. Can the bigger part of OS owners enumerate the potential hidden troubles bringing about fatal OS problems? Guessing which for sure of the is not in all instances onefold to discern. One of the techniques of banishing blue screens is inval hardware substitution, usually the RAM items, although any other hardware bar can also cash in their chips. Whenever the system disk becomes worn down, one or two segments are detected to get deficient,although it is apparently but nonreversible.... More information...

Users' attention has to be attracted to these OS issues:

    Numeric code: 4325 (0x10E5)
    Meaning: Unable to retrieve the drive status.
    Numeric code: 15 (0xF)
    Meaning: The system cannot find the drive specified.
    Numeric code: 8572 (0x217C)
    Meaning: The machine account was created pre-NT4. The account needs to be recreated.

They Solved "BSOD while downloading large files":

Name: Jack
Fixed on: 11.26.11
Error: Internet connection constantly interrupted... - Tech Support Forum
Details: 1 Maxtor 500gb Secondary The problem is that when ever I try downloading large files from the web my computer goes Blue Screen on me and
they fixed BSOD while downloading large files

Name: Nola
Fixed on: 3.20.9
Error: Juniper Networks NetScreen Secure Access Release Notes
Details: 1 Maxtor 500gb Secondary The problem is that when ever I try downloading large files from the web my computer goes Blue Screen on me and
they fixed BSOD while downloading large files
Name: Damian
Fixed on: 1.4.9
Error: BSOD while downloading - Windows 7 Help Forums
Details: Less BSOD's but more freezes and sudden re-boots. ... combination of usenet / newsleecher (software) and downloading large amounts of files.
they fixed BSOD while downloading large files
From users to other people:

Win7 Crash With Blue Screen While Downloading -

Started by: Viola Date: 12.21.10 Time: 14:19

Been having these problems for awhile now, finally figured out that my computer freezes when moving or big files. So I try to move a ...

BSOD while downloading - Windows 7 Help Forums

Started by: Floy Date: 4.2.11 Time: 18:1

I am able to download even large files in Firefox (i.e. 1.7GB ... successfully downloaded one game, months ago, when I managed to get Duke ...

Copying files from and to HDD crashes PC with BSOD - Super User

Started by: Edgar Date: 5.5.9 Time: 8:20

25 Dec 2012 ... When I copy files to a particular HDD i receive a BSOD. ... However, when you are moving certain large files, that upper portion of the Ram ... While copying your data from the problem drive, you will probably want to eschew ...

Computer crashes while downloading files from the internet ...

Started by: Win Date: 10.15.12 Time: 9:4

This is only really noticeable while downloading large files, when it will suddenly just stop downloading, and I will have to pause, then unpause ...

How to Fix Blue Screen Of Death

I Resolved BSOD
  • Wiping out rootkits, keyloggers, viruses, dialers, viruses, that is to say, harmful programs is supposed to be the best action to take upon blue screen.
  • does the BSOD error your laptop were shown list 0x000000be? Please pass to the review dedicated to 0x000000be
  • your OS rescue CD disc can provide you with an opportunity to clear out the out of date driver even in desperate samples of of such a malfunction.
  • load your work environment in Safe Mode to clear out latest software installations.
  • blue screen that is shown when connecting or disconnectingthe power cable out of your machine while it is in hybernation mode and then resuming is expected to be fixed with this solution or installing SP 1 for Windows XP
  • in the event you can boot the Windows based machine, it's all the same, Win 8 or Win XP or W7 or Win Vista, attempt to apply Last Known Good Configuration rollback or System Restore backtracking to handle any OS changes, often giving you blue screen.
  • incorrectly installed memory modules do set off blue screen.
  • Open BIOS and try turning down memory features such as shadowing or caching in BIOS
  • blue screen shown on your computer while "waking" from Standby state can be eradicated by running this program or runnling this cure
  • in the event you have been readjusting memory configuration in BIOS, withdraw them.

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